Terms and Conditions /

Residency Program
The Character of the Residency Program is a non-profit program for art creation and academic exchange. PLAN8T AIR program accommodation ( 1private room and shared amenities), and shared public space including the studio.

1.1 Program cost
Accommodation, internet and meals at P8 spark canteen are provided for free of cost.

1.2 Time of Availability
During the agreed period of stay, artist and architect will have full access to accommodation, studio and communal space anytime of the day.

1.3 The ways for Artist to participate in the residency program:
The Artist consents to participate in the residency program after P8 AIR invites the Artist to participate; P8 AIR selects the preferred Artist from the Artists’ applications to participate in the residency program.

Responsibility of the Artist / Architect
2.1 Damages
The Artist is liable for the repair and replacement costs of any damage property and equipment. The Artist must restore all used spaces and their furnishing to their original condition before leaving the program.

2.2 Insurance
PLAN8T AIR does not provide any type of insurance for the artist, the artist is responsible for arranging insurance prior to arrival. The costs of insurance, health costs incurred in China, etc, are to be covered by the artist.

2.3 Visa
It is the responsibility of the artist to reach and apply for the appropriate visa (if necessary) and to carefully check the necessary documents, PLAN8T AIR can provide a letter of invitation to the artist and other required documents (depending on nationality) for this purpose on request.

2.4 Health and Safety
The Artist’s use of the facilities must ensure and abide by all requirements regarding health & safety regulations so as not to compromise their own safety of endanger the health and safety of others. The Artist is to use the facilities, equipment, etc. at their own risk. Should the artist suffer any injury, PLAN8T AIR will not be held responsible. The Artists undertakes activity here under this understanding.

2.5 Communal Space
Artists are aware that all spaces outside of the assigned bedroom in P8 are considered communal and may be accessed by others including community members and participants, the artist will make means to cooperate and respect the personal and working space of others. This includes but not limited to the avoidance of excessive noise, absolute non-smoking indoor.  

2.6 Waste Disposal and Cleaning
The Artist is responsible for ensuring the continued cleanliness of all residency facilities and regular waste disposal. Bedroom will be be clean by housekeeper once every week, please make available for arrangement.

2.7 Day Leave
The Artist is free to make a day trip or staying overnights elsewhere by themselves, as long as there is no prior necessary engagement with PLANT AIR program, such as talks, event and exhibition. Please inform the staff of the address and contact of staying place for the emergency purpose.

Prohibited Activity
The Artist agrees not to engage in any of the following prohibited activities. PLAN8T AIR reserves the right to immediately cancel the residency at the Artist’s expense given any of the following.

3.1 Any action that disrupts neighboring individuals and their activities, including but not limited to dangerous behavior, excessive noise, offensive odor, sanitation hazards or damage to infrastructure.

3.2 The production or possession of any dangerous goods including but not limited to weapons (blades, firearms, etc.), flammable and/or explosives.

3.3 Pouring any substance or liquid that can corrode the drainage pipes.

3.4 Any action contrary to public order and social morality

3.5 Any action to violation of applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to constitutional law and criminal law, etc.

3.6 Any modifications to the community space, facility or equipment without permission.

Support toward the Artist / Architect
During the time period of the presidency program, PLAN8T AIR shall have the right to ask the Artist to attend exhibitions, activities and educational events related to the presidency program. Residency shall have the right to arrange lecture and media interviews for the Artist under the circumstances where the foregoing arrangement does not affect the Artist’s work.

The Artist is responsible for the production of their work during the residency period on their own, and finish the work before leaving the program.

Release of Information
The Artist will provide the following material and agrees to its use by PLAN8T AIR for promotional purposes (Website, social media and paper documents, etc).

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Portrait image

  • Artist statement

  • Project proposal / statement

  • Image of previous works

*The above must be submitted to the program no later than 1 week after the start of the residency.

PLAN8T AIR will be permitted to make the photographic reproduction of the Artist’s works produced in residency for the purpose of publicity, reviews, educational program, archival documentation, and catalogue.

Cancellation and Changes
4.1 The Artist is prohibited from cancelling their residency once agreed with this agreement. In the event of the Artist cancelling their residency stay, there will be penalty and PLAN8T has the right to withheld the payment

4.2 The Artist may not change the period of their stay after agreeing with the agreement. If the Artist need to leave the residency program in the middle of their stay due to personal reasons, PLAN8T has the right to withheld the payment