Venerating the idea of sustainable innovation, gathering the youth power, PLAN8T (P8) has created a prototype of the future vertical community. In this eight floors building (5000 ㎡), people can enjoy the one stop lifestyle of working, living and learning. In past three years, more than 30 startup companies or individuals from various industries, including education, health, art and technology, has settled in P8. All residents advocate a concept of green and environmental protection. They are longing for a new life style, which is fun and meaningful. We are creating systems trying to solve urban problems as congestion, resource waste and mostly human relationships.

In addition, there are also some free venues provided for local or global NGOs. Playing an important role in the communication between East and West, P8 creates a global platform for worldwide young people through various activities. As the partner of Changsha Government and a cultural landmark, P8 put out all the enthusiasm to give support for Changsha to awarded the title of City of Media Arts granted by UNESCO.





BROAD Group is a private manufacturer of central air conditioning non-electric absorption chillers that are powered by natural gas and waste heat. Broad Group also provides solutions for district energy adoption.

A leader in combine heating and cooling using absorption chilling process, more importantly challenging the construction industry through modularity, delivering air quality technologies, in its groundbreaking stainless-steel honeycomb BSBcore materials for housing, transportation, wind power and oceaneering. The company was established in 1996 and exports products to over 60 countries. Broad is one of the few Chinese manufacturing companies that has been widely recognized for its green policies and commitment to countering climate change. It has expanded its business in recent years to include other energy saving products and sustainable buildings through its subsidiary Broad Sustainable Building, and achieved building a 57-story tall skyscraper in 19 days.



How will we use the remaining carbon quota to build humanity habitable cities for multi- millennium long?

BSBcore is made of stainless steel, composed of two sheets connected by a strongly welded tubular system, used in the space technology. Since Broad are concerned about the impact of the current construction on the environment, they created this material from scratch, securing low CO2 emissions, very high durability and overall recyclability, thus zero waste impact.




BROAD TOWN is the headquarters of BROAD Group. It is located in the eastern suburbs of Changsha City, 16km from the city center and 12km from the airport. It is home to dozens of technological inventions that have a worldwide significance, like the world's first non-electric exhaust air conditioning, the world's first fresh air purification machine, the world's first factory - making sustainable buildings. Broad town also covers an area which is reserved as ecological protection zone and organic farm and produces it’s own organic food, uses reversed osmosis water technology to access clean water. All accommodations provide 100% fresh air with pm2.5 filters. Broad town has many facilities for startups, a theatre, gym, a boutique hotel and dining facilities scattered on the campus, making this place a harmonious community.