We have created a new innovative building material we call BSBCORE.

It is made of stainless steel, composed of two sheets connected by a strongly welded tubular system, used in the space technology. Since we are concerned about the impact of the current construction on the environment, we created this material from scratch, securing low CO2 emissions, very high durability and overall recyclability, thus zero waste impact.

The CTS Slab (Core Tubular Steel) is the technical term for the prefabricated panels made out of BCORE. The parts of a CTS Slab are prefabricated in the factory and installed on site, which greatly reduces assembly time unlike concrete constructions, thus freeing the construction site from dust, noise and waste. The structures made out of CTS slabs have the advantage of energy conservation, earthquake resistance, long service life and can be completely recycled.

A CTS Slab is made out of thin-walled core tubes, sandwiched between two steel plates. The flanged edge of the core tubes increases the area of connection to the steel plates. The core tubes are integrated onto the steel plates by the use of a thin layer of copper coil foil placed between them and then melted together in 1100°C hot air ovens in order to create a very firm joint