Jia Qing Mo

Jia Qing Mo


《宇宙物质 Cosmos’ Materials 》Video Art

"In the early morning forest, there are two strange people, maybe aliens, maybe reformers. They enter the forest. Under each tree, there is a large white plastic bag inside. They are filled with different materials, some of which are white foam and can be used for food. Some have steel and can build spaceships. So the two pick up the leftover garbage bags and go to the rooftop on the 57th floor. The two are on the rooftop. The central construction is their shelter..."

She hopes to express the relationship between modern human beings, garbage and non-removable substances through the creation of film and television image art: modern human existence creates more and more garbage and unremovable items. The packaging bags actually imply the garbage discarded by human beings, but it is just right. Becoming the material used by these two individuals to survive the short-term survival of the Earth and build their own shelters.