Kamila Szejnoch

Kamila Szejnoch


《Lost Paradise》Temporary Installation

I deal with art in public space - specifically installations, sculpture and urban interventions. I worked in many cities, among others in Warsaw, Oslo, Belgrade, Birmingham, Kiev, Aarhus, Tainan, Washington. As this is usually the existing place which is my point of departure, I always look for a fresh cultural surrounding to discover site-specificity and develop new ideas. I am interested in ‘art in context’ rather than in artworks for itself, framed by a ‘white cube’.

Recently my favorite topics have been in most cases history and city symbols – the elements which influence or reflect our identity. I have been trying to approach, update or just remind outdated layers of the past by adding something new and contrasting - distinct from their original style or function. That is why most of my works consist of two main elements. One is traditional, already fixed in its form, second one more contemporary, open, playful, interactive. The aim of my projects is not only a play with forgotten, ‘old-fashioned’ motives, but also bringing them back to general public.

What Broad Group has done to protect the ecological environment seems to echo people’s desire for “lost paradise”. What people are doing here is creating the paradise we missed in our life, because the natural environment is shrinking sharply. I decided to create an image of Lost Paradise, which was made up with elements in the factory of Broad Town.