ARCHITECTS requirement

  • Bachelor architecture degree or above, linked to the architect's field.

  • Be a creative person, with good level and affinity in the field of design, capable of analyzing and proposing new alternatives before a proposed challenge.

  • Ability to develop a small or medium range project with the use of appropriate technological tools, proficient in using relevant design software, like: Autocad, Tianzheng, Rhino, Lumion, Sketchup (or 3DMAX), PS, AI, ID, etc

  • Resilient, with good communication skills and availability of teamwork.

The following requirements are not mandatory, but we will consider them as a favorable factor in the election:
Experience in the field of industrial design or product development engineering.
- Have in his /her portfolio projects related to the artistic field, as well as exhibitions, residences, workshops,
- Experience with the academy, such as workshop creator/tutor or academic teaching.


Please submit following materials:

  • A completed application form

  • One page of your latest CV/resume, including your educational background, important solo and group exhibitions/architecture works, awards and bibliography.

  • A portfolio of works including pictures, words or video. Please clearly indicate the title, material, size and time of creation.

  • A proposal concisely describing your application objective and your work plans that you will complete during your stay. BSBcore slab should be used as the main material for your project.

Responsibility of Recipients /

  • Submit documents and residency proposal as requested and achieve the project you mentioned in your proposal when the residency ends.

  • We accept all forms of art/architecture work, the outcome of your project needs to be able to exhibit and collect, architects are required to submit the Architectural drawing, model and its digital file 

  • During the residency: Communicate and coordinate with P8 team; attend the events and exhibitions organized by P8 for this residency. 

  • Put in a report to summarise your residency experience.