Oliveira Claudia

Oliveira Claudia


Specializes in New Media Art.
Holds a master’s degree in Digital Arts from Pompeu Fabra University.

The proposed piece

The proposed piece is a kinetic installation that transforms 12 pottery wheels into a zoetrope like machine, referencing elements of Chinese cultural heritage, pottery and paper cutting while reinterpreting them in a new sensorial experience.

On each pottery wheel will be placed a paper disk with cutouts and drawings that when rotated will reveal short animations.

The cut paper animations will represent the artists’s subjective experience of the city and of the period of the artistic residency in Changsha.

The animations will be enhanced by the use of strobe lighting and the viewer will be able to point a camera to small details in the disks to see those animations projected live into a wall.

The short looping animations feel both old and new as they reference static paper cutting, early cinema and the animated gif. The reinterpretation of familiar materials and objects into this installation will immerse the viewer in a different perspective.