Since the urbanization process on a global scale is a great trend nowadays, ‘urban space’ has become a very motivational topic in our current society under the rapid development of the economic. ‘Urban space’ is not only the public field with countless creation opportunities but could also be a catalyst of the urban vitality and the carrier of the urban culture.

With the aim of accomplishing the sustainable urban development, it is vital to grow a co-creation strategy with the goal of creating new urban spaces, as well as up-cycled urban space or parasitic architecture to decrease environmental pollution and protect the limited nature resources. BSBcore Stainless Slabs will be the main material provided for this residency programme, as a response to the new urban space under climate change.

Explore New Urban Space, the residency open call for summer 2019, we invite artists, architects and designers from all over the world to reexamine the style of establishment and maintenance of spaces in cities, to discover the diverse innovations of the new urban space.