Rita Patela

Rita Patela



Holds a master’s degree in Digital Arts from Pompeu Fabra University.

Indoor Installation

"Map" is an ode to the city and its future.

This installation represents the city of Changsha, seeking to highlight the ex libris of the same (rivers, important buildings and streets and monuments, etc.), from careful study of different types of city maps (topographical, military, roads - modern and ancient).

Proposing a new point of view of the city, "Map" uses the succession of layers of fabric to show the different possibilities of interaction between the city and the public. Almost like a blank sheet, "Map" intends to suggest and inspire future growth and recognition of the city of Changsha before the public (locals and tourists), 

"Map" includes 6 panels, each panel shows different parts of the city, with the rivers being the vital / crucial part of the screen. From the river, important buildings and landmarks emerge in an elegant and effortless way, ending the piece.

The fabric was manipulated so that the public can walk through the facility, thus being invited to discover this city."