Seyoung Ok



Specialises in Animation. Holds a bachelor’s in fine arts from Korea National University of Arts.

Condensed Memory 

I participated a guided-tour to downtown Changsha during this “Experience Changsha” residency program. We went to the newly developed ‘Old town’ Changsha, where we shared the famous Sexy-tea, followed by tight schedule of exploring touristic spots of the city, where we found out that we just passed by the real ‘Old town’ of Changsha where some of the oldest street and buildings of Changsha is located.

During our travel, I observed the city’s image through the car window. The rapidly developing giant construction sites, the complex of sci-fi-looking old buildings, unintentionally particular patterns of waste from the factories, sets of buildings cramped within aluminium bars, the unrealistic beautiful tourist attractions: all allows me to get the ambivalent images of the city, gave me a strange feeling of blurred reality and virtuality.

The artwork and installation that I do, tried to visualize these experiences through the installation where I put layers of images that I describe as my “condensed memories” of Changsha, with collection of unique materials leftovers from the factory, and through the film of the city captured in such fast pace through my eyes-view. I hope to give the audience a glimpse of integrated memories of Changsha.