Stefan Palitov

Stepfan Palitov



Specializes in Virtual Reality Art. Holds a Joint Master’s Degree from Erasmus Mundus, has won the Grant for short fiction film in Macedonia Film Agency.

VR / Mixed Media / Video

Clay Weaver is a multisensorial VR installation exploring the process of making sensorial and conceptual realities. It is a mediation on the flexibility of youthfulness and the rigidity of death - spiritually, mentally and physically.  The installation is consisted of an authentic burial pot used by Taoist monks, a VR headset with a 360-degree video and a projection. Upon kneeling or sitting cross-legged into the pot, the audience member puts on the VR headset. The viewer is then telepresent inside a small pot which is being made. The maker of the pot is a young man that is shaping the pot around the viewer while he is having an internal monologue about the potential to shape his life.

The viewer’s point of view inside the burial pot and the point of view inside the pot which is visible through the VR headset are aligned. This connects the finite materiality of the burial pot that the viewer can touch and the malleable potential of the pot that the viewer can see being created around them. Bringing together conflicting layers of sensorial input, Clay Weaver aims to present the extremes of the beginning and the end into a unified experience of reality-making.